Port Jefferson Development Brochure
Published by the "State Development and Finance Company" 150 Nassau Street, New York City after 1903.

According to Patricia and Robert Sisler in The Seven Hills of Port, a Port Jefferson Development Company was owned by Dean Alvord. This brochure is not, however, focused on Belle Terre, but two other areas of Port Jefferson. See the Belle Terre web site for a history of the area.
Village from Bay View Park (east side of harbor); Ship Yard Through Miles of Woods at Highland Park; Bridgeport Boat Port Jefferson R. R. Station (built in 1903).
Smith's Hotel; Townsend House; Harbor View Hotel; Walker's Hotel ..."Nestled amidst the hills at the head of the bay lies the town of Port Jefferson."... High School (burned in 1913); Main Street; First National Bank
Amusements; Driving; Fishing Baptist, M.E. and Presbyterian churches Yachting and boating; Commerce
Main Street houses "The State Development and Finance Company has under way plans for developing and building up two beautiful parks.." Homes (no location given)
Barnum Avenue homes and a shipyard.
Highland Park (Port Jefferson Station area) probably looking north toward station. To the Pavilion & Pier; Bay View Park "Plots of any desired size can be had..." Bay View Park
Dr. Petit's Summer School, Bay View Park; Bay View Shore; Pavilion, Bay View Park Bay View Park Yacht Basin; Bay View Park Shore Front
Homes (no location given) Homes (no location given) Lover's Lane, Highland Park; Anchorage, Belle Terre; Spring House, Belle Terre
Views Near Bay View Park. (Setauket Presbyterian Church, Caroline Episcopal Church, Emma S. Clark Library and an Old Mill that does not look like the pictures of the old Setauket Mill.)

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