Conanicut, Rhode Island

Souvenir of Conanicut.
Photos by Davidson, Photographer, Narragansett Pier and Jamestown, R. I.
Jamestown is the only town on Conanicut Island. There is no date on this publications, but many of these pictures are very early - prior to 1900.
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The Oldest House on the Island. The Samuel Carr House on North Road. The Wind Mill, built 1787 on North Main Road. Conanicut Park Hotel 
Conanicut Park. This was the waiting room at the wharf. The Carr Homestead on Carr Lane. Bay View Hotel. The sign says Bayview House.
Thorndike Hotel. The first, which burned in 1912. Bay Voyage. This end is the original section and roof. This is a postcard showing the new third floor and roof.
Prospect House on Greene Lane Champlin House West Ferry and Taggert's Ferry House.
Ferry Boat Conanicut Club House and Fishing Ground, Beaver Tail. (Robert W. Golet Fishing Camp and Tea House) The Dumplings
Fort Dumpling. Blown up in 1898 to clear for Fort Wetherill Inside Fort Dumpling. Charles Wharton's Cottage, Dumpling's. "Braeclough"
Isaac Clothier's Cottage, Dumpling's. Harbor Entrance, or Ragged Edge, on Bull Point. Rock's at Dumplings Rocks Looking West
Rock Scenery on South Shore Mackerel Cove Beaver Tail Light
Beaver Tail Light House and Whistle House (fog horn). North Light House - now a residence. Rock Scenery on South Shore
Rock Scenery on South Shore  

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