Hurricane Carol, Jamestown, RI, 1954

The following pictures were taken in Jamestown on the day category 3 Hurricane Carol hit Rhode Island, August 31, 1954. After the hurricane passed the sun came out. These pictures were taken along East Shore Road, Route 138, and in town at the ferry dock by my father.

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No, it's not a dead-end street. This cottage was pushed to the middle of East Shore Road by the waves. Note the chimney. Another cottage swept across the road. Although there are still wires on the poles, there was no telephone or electric service. The house in this picture, near Taylor Point, is also visible on the left in the first picture. Both of these were restored.
The ferry terminal and two of the three ferries, the Hammonton and Wildwood, (which weren't damaged). The ferry office (the hanging roof) was restored. Only a few hours after the storm had passed, but work had begun clearing the debris and repairing the dock. That's Navy ship #31 at anchor. That's the Hammonton in this and the previous picture. The ferries were taking foot passengers via the one slip. This was the only way to get to Newport.
Left: Across the road from the sailboat is the entrance to Shorby Hill.

Right: Tiverton, RI (purchased on eBay)
Newport, RI Hurricane Carol
The following photos were purchased on eBay.
Touro to the left - looking down Thames. Liggetts Drugstore on left corner. The Brick Market on the right, restaurant next to it and Leys Dry Goods next. Looking north: Singer on the left, 184 Thames and Sears on the right. Klein's Naval Uniforms from Washington Square.
Thames looking north. Cotton Court is on the right. The Brick Market on the left and Klein's Naval Uniforms on the right. Looking down Long Wharf. The Brick Market on the left looking north.
Charlie's Dinner A ferry and steamship. Government Landing
Long Wharf Long Wharf- O'Connell's Lumber A rowboat tied to a parking meter.
Touro: Perry Hotel and the Opera House showing The Caine Mutiny with Humphrey Bogart The Old Colony House in Washington Square Bowery Street sign on the right.
Easton's Beach Easton's Beach carousel building. Inside carousel building. Workers on the far side are near two horses.
Easton's Beach bath houses. The Singer company truck on bottom. Beach Road?

There are many web sites with additional information. One is NOAA's National Hurricane Center.

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