DeKalb Chronicle, Saturday, January 9, 1892
DeKalb, DeKalb County, Illinois

The J. F. Glidden Publishing Company
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DeKalb, Illinois, and surrounding counties (click images to enlarge)

Also spelled "De Kalb". The sketches about prominent citizens are not always on the same page as the picture. On an unknown date a previous owner wrote "Dead" on some of the portraits. The larger images range in size from 700 KB to 1 MG. The thumbnails are shown as published, but the larger images are rotated when appropriate.
The map is enlarged at the top of the page. This page explains the work behind this issue. A bit about the Chicago & North-Western RR and the Chicago Exposition General promotion of the city prospects
Map, with names, of the city of DeKalb, showing a proposed system of sewers. The larger version is turned and extra big. The City of DeKalb: History and Institutions. Picture: Horse Sale Day. Summary of Manufacturing, Houses, Labor, Water, etc. Summary of Churches, Railroads, Coal, Retail Trade, etc. Picture: Shoe Factory Celebration, West Main Street
Letter with interesting DeKalb facts and promotions. Picture: East Main Street The City Officials. Pictured: Hiram Ellwood; H. D. Hunt; Water Works, City Hall H. D. Hunt; M. J. Henaughan; E. O. Wood; Chas. E. Bradt; John H. Lewis; Andrew Peterson.
W. L. Pond; Charles Garner; E. A. Porter; Andrew Peterson The Public Schools with names of teachers. Pictured: High School; Ward School Schools continued. Churches - general. Picture: Methodist Episcopal
Methodist Episcopal; First Congregational; Swedish Evangelical Lutheran; St. Mary's Catholic. Picture: St. Mary's Swedish Mission; Baptist. Pictured: Congregational, Swedish Lutheran. Literary Societies - with names Literary and Scientific Circle - with names. Picture: Kiswaukee River
Three page article about Italy. Pictured: Castle of Saint Angelo, Saint Peter's Pictured: A view of Rome; The Pantheon Pictured: The Capital; Vatican entrance; The Coliseum; The Sacred Stairs
J. F. Glidden; Jacob Haish; I. L. Ellwood I. L. Ellwood; L. M. McEwen; P. W. Vaughan; Hiram Eddy; E. B. Gilbert P. W. Vaughn; Hiram Eddy; E. B. Gilbert; P. G. Young; J. C. Garner; Squire Taylor; J. E. Atwood
John C. Garner; S. Taylor; John E. Atwood; R. Newitt; Joseph Bristow; R. Rolph; W. H. Allen D. D. Hunt; Harvey E. Allen; C. W. Marsh; Ramond Rolph; Wm. H. Allen; H. B. Gurler H. B. Gurler; M. V. Wilder; Isaac Potter; Arthur Hiland; S. A. Tyler
Homes of: Jacob Haish; C. W. Marsh; C. E. Bradt; I. L Ellwood Rev. W. J. Libberton; J. M. Rodman; Dr. E. L. Mayo; Jacob Crawford; Rev. R. Wallace; C. G. Rodman; Rev. A. W. Stark; M. A. L. Olsen E. J. Wiswall; George Terwilliger; H. D. Wyman; Dr. J. M. Everett; Rev. R. Wallace; C. G. Bodman; O. Vanhorn; Clark Carter
Houses: W. L. Ellwood; Hiram Ellwood; Squire Potter; J. H. Lewis M. D. Shipman; C. E. Robinson; George Post; George W. Shoop; W. B. King; George H. Gurler; J. V. Bacon; Rev. A. W. Stark; M. A. L. Olsen; E. J. Wiswall; George Terwilliger T. A. Luney; John Taylor; Colfax Schuyler; Peter Lindberg; A. R. Kellogg; Conrad Springer; H. D. Wyman; Dr. J. M. Everett; James Leishman; J. R. Waldron
S. A. Tyler; George E. Rogers; Ernest Carter; August E. Nelson; Maude Hazen; J. R. Waldron; M. D. Shipman; C. E. Robinson; George Post; George Shoop H. O. Cary; J. P. Garner; Walter Atwood; John W. Glidden; C. F. Smith; W. G. Earle; S. E. Bradt; A. G. Leonard; W. B. King; George Gurler; J. V. Bacon Will Hiland; Clark Carter; Frank M. Munger; J. O. Olsen; John G. Lundberg; Carlos W. Hinds; A. W. Sprague; George H. Tadd; T. A. Luney;J. T. Bowles; John Tayler; Colfax Schuyler
G. I. Talbot; Joseph Wiltberger; John J. Ronan; V. A. Glidden; Don C. Williams; Franz G. Lundberg; A. R. Kellogg; A. W. Sprague; Peter Lindberg; Frank Munger W. G. Earle; J. F. Bergquist; B. S. White; A. Westerberg; William Carter; C. M. Simmons; George E. Rogers; Earnest Carter; A. E. Nelson; Arthur Hiland D. D. Brown; C. J. Dorr; G. W. Baldwin; C. H. Salisbury; S. P. Bradshaw; Jno. Reed; Dr. James Leishman; Thomas N. Conant; Rev. J. M. Green; C. T. Atkinson; H. O. Cary; Percy Garner
J. T. Bowles; Rev. J. M. Green; E. C. Lott; W. L. Ellwood; D. D. Brown; S. E. Bradt; Frank Mosher; William Hiland A. W. Fisk; Aaron Goldsmith; William E. Halladay; L. C. Schermerhorn; Dr. C. D. Carter; W. G. Earle; John Glidden; Charles Smith; Walter Atwood M. H. Daley; C. H. Salisbury; Maud Hazen; J. O. Olsen; H. M. Daley
A. G. Leonard; Charles T. Atkinson; Nelson Bennor; John Reed; William Carter; Joseph Wiltberger; John G. Lundberg Glidden House block; Chronicle building; Bee Hive block; Opera House block C. E. Robinson; V. A. Glidden; Garner & Son; E. J. Wiswall; Olsen & Wilder; C. M. Simmons; S. P. Bradshaw; Dr. C. D. Carter; Don. C. Williams
A. Goldsmith; Atwood-Burnside Co.; L. M. McEwen & Co.; John Reed; W. P. Ballou; John Ronan; B. S. White; A. Westerberg; Clark Schermerhorn; George H. Tadd Robert Ferguson; Dr. Leishman; Carter & Smith; C. G. Bodman; Taylor & Tyler; A. Goldsmith; Carlos W. Hinds; John Ronan; Conrad Springer Bennett & Son; W. B. King; J. M. Rodman & Co.; Carter & Mosher; John G. Davy; G. H. Tadd; Bristow Bros.; William Halladay; G. I. Talbot; F. G. Lundberg; Fred Benquist
Hoban & Henaughan; C. Schuyler; H. White; John E. Erickson; P. W. Vaughn; John Dunn; A. A. Wright; V. A. Glidden; A. W. Fisk; T. N. Conant; C. J. Dorr F. M. Munger; Hiland Brothers; Carter Brothers; various types of businesses; George W. Baldwin; Home of W. G. Earle More business categories; Bee-Hive Block; E. C. Lott; W. L. Ellwood; Clinton Rosette; Bailey Rosette
I. L. Ellwood Manufacturing - barbed wire Barbed wire continued; Daley Manufacturing; Bradt and Shipman Superior Barbed Wire
Haish Manufacturing - barbed wire Leonard-Atkinson Co. Shoe Factory Club, lodge and society - with names. Swift & Olsen; DeKalb Roller Mill
Live Stock Interests. Ellwood Green office and sales - horses Ellwood Green horses DeKalb Stock Farm. Picture: Star McGregor
DeKalb Farm - Glidden. Builders: J. R. Waldron; L. C. Schermerhorn; Peterson & Kylen; L. D. Spicer; Joseph Wiltberger; Henry Morrel; Sam Peterson; Raymond Rolf. City services continued. Barb City Band; Patten Countryman Manufacturing; Haish buildings; Opera House Carter & Mosher; J. R. Waldron; Patten & Countryman Manufacturing; DeKalb Farm - Glidden
The J. F. Glidden Publishing Company. P. G. Young; Clinton Rosette; E. L. Mayo; W. L. Ellwood; John C. Garner; Bailey Rosette; Carnes & Dunton Attorneys W. L. Ellwood Horses E. L. Mayo, M. D.; J. M. Everett, M. D.; Charles Carter, M. D.; William L Pond; Carnes & Dunton; James Leishman; Colfax Schuyler; Bristow Brothers; Carter & Smith; John Dunn; J. O. Oleson; G. H. Tadd; G. L. Talbot; Isaac Potter; M. Hanrahan; Peterson & Kylen; John Reed; L. D. Spicer; Queen City Printing Ink; J. Manz & Co.; F. M. Munger
Garner & Sons Groceries, Drugs, Crockery, Glassware

E. J. Wiswall Home Furnishing
DeKalb, IL, 1905 Post Office Construction Photographs

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