California Mid-Winter International
Exposition, 1894, San Francisco

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Photo-Gravures of the California Midwinter International Exposition From Negatives taken by Permission of the Executive Committee. Copyright, 1894, by A. Wittemann, New York. The Albertype Co. Jos. A Hofmann, San Francisco. Central and Norther California. Roumanian Cafe. French Restaurant. Music Pavilion.The Administration Building, Plaza and Fountain.
Left: The Electric Tower and Columbus Statue

Above: The Manufactures and Liberal Arts Building.
The Grand Court - View from the San Joaquin County Building. Fine Arts Gallery.
Interior of the Southern California Building. Mechanical Arts Building.
The California Fountain. R. Schmid, Sculptor. Santa Clara County Building, Chinese Pagoda and Electric Tower.
In the Hawaiian Village. Administration Building. Alameda County Building.
The Midway - View from the San Joaquin County Building.
The Firth Wheel. Entrance to the Vienna Prater and Chocolate Building.
Esquimaux Village - Reindeer and Dog Team. The Ostrich Farm.
Egyptian Hall and Oriental Village. Bird's-Eye View of the Midwinter Fair, from Strawberry Hill.
The Midway - from Mexican Tamales to Scenic Railway.

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