Hurricane, Jamestown, RI, September 21, 1938

The following pictures (real photo postcards - never mailed) were taken in Jamestown by an unknown photographer, probably a day or two later.

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Governor Carr Ferry The Hammonton Ferry The Beavertail aground
The Governor Carr Ferry, built in 1927. On the way out of the slip to Newport for shelter, a line was caught in the propeller and she went ashore "near the present [1976] Jamestown Yacht Club." Big. Two months later she was finally refloated and went back in service in February. The Hammonton Ferry, built in 1906, was not damaged in the hurricane, although the dock (bridge) obviously was. Big The Beaver Tail Ferry, in service since 1896, was being overhauled in Jamestown when the wind picked up. An attempt to get her to Newport failed and she went ashore on the east side of Jamestown near the north end. Because of the damage, she was sold as salvage. Big
Mackerel Cove Beach. There is little evidence of the pavilion. East Side of Beavertail Light Crack in Road at Beavertail. The building might be the "whistle house", or fog horn structure.
Source: The Jamestown Ferryboats 1873 ~ 1969, by Wilfred E. Warren, Jamestown, RI 1976.

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